• Please read your lease thoroughly, sign it, and submit it to IRES.

Obtain renters’ insurance

  • This is required by IRES in order to rent our property.
  • The owner has insurance covering the structure and property, NOT your belongings.
  • Renters’ insurance covers your contents and belongings. If fire and flooding is the tenants fault, the tenant is liable. If flooding or fire occurs and is not the tenant’s fault, the owner will repair the structure – NOT tenant belongings.
  • Call your insurance provider to request info and to receive a quote.

Turn on your utilities

  • Unless your lease states otherwise, the tenant is responsible for all utilities that are turned on by the 1st day of move-in.
  • The following utilities need to be in the tenants name for the CITY OF LAS VEGAS; power, gas, and water. Trash and sewer will stay in the owner’s name and billed to the tenant accordingly. For the CITY OF NORTH LAS VEGAS and HENDERSON; water, trash and sewer will stay in the owner’s name and billed to the tenant accordingly. Power and gas need to be in the tenant’s name.
  • Internet, TV, and phone also need to be in tenant’s name.

Move-in instructions

  • Upon lease signing wyou will receive keys and remotes, including a welcoming email for further instructions.
  • Walk through each room of the home to document the current condition of home for both the tenant and IRES records.
  • Make sure you take pictures of every room and pay close attention to details.
  • Save a file of pictures and lease documentation for move-out. This is what will be referenced at the time of your move-out.