IRES Rental Application


(All applicants must complete IRES Disclosure and Online Application.)


Application Fee

Application Fees are non-refundable and are $80 per Adult, the application fee must be paid online when completing the rental application.

IRES outsources the screening to a third party service (Appfolio)

A complete background check includes verification of current and previous tenant history, current and previous employment, credit history, contact personal references, and to receive any criminal history information pertaining to the applicant that may be found in federal, state, or local criminal justice agency files and to verify any other information deemed necessary to fulfill the tenant requirements.

In addition to the application, please remit a copy of your driver’s license or valid ID, 3 current pay stubs, and photo of your pet, if applicable.

Application Processing

Applications are processed upon receipt of the application fee and a complete application form and can take between 24-72 business hours to receive background screening information. The property manager will contact the applicant should additional information be needed or upon acceptance or denial of an application. If denied, applicant will be emailed.

The applicant and co-applicant, if any, agree to submit a holding deposit of $500 to hold the property for 2 weeks (non-refundable once approved). If any delays occur due to move in inspections, housing assistance programs, or unforeseen applicant issues, the deposit is still non-refundable.

All move-in costs shall be in the form of certified funds (Cashier’s Check, Money Order). The property manager will provide the applicant with a breakdown of funds required prior to occupancy. Should the applicant decide not to rent the property after submitting the deposits, the deposits will be retained by the owner as administrative expenses.

Lease Term: Lease periods are typically 1-2 years. We do not accept short-term leases, unless a current lease is being extended or the property has been marketed as a short term lease only.

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Rental Qualifications

The primary criteria used in qualifying prospective tenants are:

  • Dependable rental history – No evictions (If an eviction within 5 years, a double deposit will be required)
  • Applicant(s) gross income to be at least 3 times the monthly rental
  • Residents who are not actively employed will be required to pay a double security deposit and six months minimum advanced rent
  • Over 1 Year at current employment


If applicant does not meet the standard requirements, additional security deposit may be requested up to triple the amount of the rent. Owner will also have the final decision in the approval process.

Security Deposits

Security deposits, cleaning deposits, and pet deposits (if applicable) are required at the time of the lease signing. Security deposits can vary depending on the applicant’s qualifications. All security and cleaning deposits are fully refundable only if the property is in good or better condition upon vacancy.

Renter’s Insurance Policy

Residents are required by IRES to have a Renter’s Insurance Policy. Within 30 days of move-in, residents are to give IRES a copy of the policy which includes IRES as the Property Management Company in the additionally insured rider.


Whether or not pets are allowed in the property depends on the owner. Pet deposits apply per pet. Restrictions apply to certain breeds of dogs. Penalties apply when there is failure to disclose a pet prior to occupancy. Please notify our office before bringing any pet to the property. Service or assistance animals are excluded.


The resident is responsible for all utilities, which typically includes power, gas, and water. Trash and sewer varies per property and city. Other services may include satellite access or cable and telephone services and are the sole responsibility of the resident.


Boats, mobile homes, trailers, company trucks and satellite dishes may not be allowed on any of our properties unless otherwise stated in the HOA rules and regulations. Installation of satellite dishes may be subject to architectural committee approval if governed by an association and is the resident’s responsibility to get approval. If you have any concerns please submit your question(s) on page 3 of this application.

If resident is using own appliances, they are completely responsible for any repairs or damages done to the appliance or any damages to the property. IRES is not liable to pay for repairs caused by tenants’ appliances. If appliances cause a water leak that may go undetected for a period of time, which could cause mold issues, the tenant is liable for all costs to repair/remediate the damage.


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Property Maintenance

Resident understands that renting from an independent owner is not like renting from an apartment community: in that there is no onsite or on-call maintenance personal. As a result, maintenance items may take time to be done on the property. In most cases, 48 hours may be needed to get the work started on the property. Resident also needs to follow up on all maintenance cases to make sure the proper maintenance is being done and that service is being rendered.

Resident understands that they shall keep the premises in clean and good working order. The resident agrees that keeping the premises clean and in good working order includes being responsible for the following standard maintenance issues:


▪        Cleaning the property

▪          Watering Plants

▪         Trash Removal

▪          Replacing HVAC Filter every 30 Days

▪         Maintaining Drain Lines

▪          Replacing Stove Filters every 90 Days

▪         Replacing Lighting and Bulbs

▪          Garage Door Alignment and Oiling

▪          Sliding Tracks on Windows

▪          Sprinkler System Heads and Drip Lines

▪          Garbage Disposal

▪          Faucet Leaks

▪          Microwave

▪          Towel Rack and Other Holders

▪          Toilet Parts

▪          Fridge and or Ice Maker

▪          Washer & Dryer

▪         Lighting Pilot Lights

▪          Pool/Spa

▪          Auto Garage door opener



Resident will be responsible for 100% of the cost of maintaining the above items and will be responsible 100% of the cost to repair any damage to the property if these items are not maintained. The Resident understands that such property damage costs may include, but not limited to damage by water, fire, flood, mold, etc., and the cost to restore and remediate any problems. Resident further understands that they are solely responsible for the costs of such property damages.

Resident agrees that their use and enjoyment of the property causes wear and tear on the property and agrees to pay the first $100.00-$125.00 of any maintenance bill that owner may incur during the term of the resident’s tenancy. If there is a home warranty company, the resident will pay the deductible of the warranty company.

Resident agrees that they will not do self-maintenance on the major systems of the home. These major systems include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, motion doors, pool equipment, etc. Resident agrees that they will hire a professional to service or fix anything that the resident does not fully understand.

Resident understands that the owner will provide and pay for any maintenance bill after the first $125.00 or Home Warranty Deductible has been paid by the Resident.


Financially Responsible Tenants

Residents understands that every person on the lease (if accepted) is equally financially responsible for the total rent due on the first of the month. If any of the residents cannot or will not pay their portion of the rent, it is the responsibility of the other resident(s) to pay the rent.


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Evictions/Pay or Quit Notices

If a current tenant is in Eviction status or has received a 5 Day Pay or Quit Notice, IRES will only remove Eviction status until FULL BALANCE is paid through money order or cashier’s check only. IRES will not accept partial payments, personal checks, or payments put in drop box.

Resident must come into the office during normal business hours and receive a receipt.

This property is offered and accepted in its present condition, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Overall interior cleanliness
  2. Water softener-if currently in home-if not working IRES will not repair (NO SALT WILL BE PROVIDED)
  3. All appliances currently at the property (will be used, not new)
  4. All paint, flooring, and interior/exterior window coverings*
  5. All landscaping, bushes, trees, and exterior lighting
  6. Ice Maker-if currently not working IRES will not repair
  7. Any debris or miscellaneous items in or about the property
  8. Key/Locks, all keys and locks are as is, if the resident would like new locks they may change them at own expense (copy of key must be given to IRES within 24 hours)
             *if no window covering or screen is currently on windows or doors, none will be provided

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Any concerns regarding the appearance of the property should be addressed below. This is simply a request and is not valid unless the owner agree to the terms in writing.



If you wish your application to be 100% contingent on your request above, please initial below. (If initialed – the applicant(s) is fully aware we will not process this application until we get the owner approval for your request. IRES will continue to run any additional applications during this period if we choose to do so.)


**We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone**

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Please return completed rental application Monday through Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm to

Innovative Real Estate Strategies

2595 S Cimarron Rd. #204 Las Vegas, NV 89117

Office: (702) 478-2242    Fax: (800) 486-7073




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