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Prior To Move-Out

What you need to know prior to moving out of your rental property A 60-day advance written notice is required before moving. You will be charged rent for those days if proper notice is not given.
  • Provide your forwarding address and phone number to ensure our deposit is returned correctly. One check will be issued for any security deposit refund. This check must be made out in all tenants’ names. It is the tenants’ responsibility to work out the details of distribution. IRES will conduct a move-out inspection and note any necessary tenant required repairs. These repairs will be deducted from your security deposit minus normal and customary wear and tear.
  • Move out inspection will be performed by our maintenance company. Take pictures of each room prior to move-out for your records.
  • Tenants are required to keep all utilities on up to four days post move-out in order for IRES to complete a move-out inspection. If utilities are turned off, tenants will be charged a $75 connection fee for each utility that is not on at the time of inspection. Keep in mind this may delay the move-out inspection date. The $75 fee will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Do not leave keys and remotes in the home. They must be returned to the office by 5:00 p.m. of the move-out date. All personal property must be removed and the keys and remotes must be turned into the office or rent charges will continue.
The security deposit ensures that the owner is not left with incurring costs from tenant-caused damage. The home should be returned in the same condition it was found when rented, although normal wear and tear is expected. Any repairs or upkeep needed to bring the property back to this standard will be charged to the deposit. Changes to the property or any alterations must be discussed with the property manager and approval must be granted in writing by the owner before alterations can occur. The inspection form that was given to you at move-in will be used to ensure the property was returned in the same condition it was found when rented, along with the corresponding photos. The home must be left clean with carpets steamed cleaned. In order to ensure you receive your full deposit, make sure the following items are completed:
  1. Provide receipts for cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  2. If carpets are steam cleaned and still have stains, the tenant will be charged for the carpet replacement (and pad if there is pet odor).
  3. Replace air filters.
  4. Replace smoke detector batteries.
  5. Make sure all light bulbs are working.
  6. Return all keys and garage door openers inventoried at move-in to the office.
  7. Remove all debris from houses and yard. This is includes curbside. Please make sure final garbage pickup is arranged. If there is debris/trash left out of the curb, removal of this debris will be charged to your security deposit.
  8. Attend to landscaping; final upkeep includes mowing, weeding, and raking the yard.


If there are spackled holes due to tenant damage and the repair was not done with quality work, the cost to repair and repaint will be charged to your security deposit. Repainting costs are prorated based on the length of tenants stay.